We are often asked how our process compares to Crest White

Strips. Honestly…there is NO comparison. We have loads of people that come into our salon that have tried white strips in vain, and here’s why: Click on this link – Walmart Crest 3-D WhiteStrips These are undoubtedly Crest’s best whitening product…$49 at Wally World. Notice the directions on the box under the words “Professional Effects”: “2 HOURS DAILY for 7 DAYS”  Ha…REALLY?!?! Do they expect that people are going to have 14 hours in a week to commit to their experiment? And believe me, it IS an experiment. Like I said, we have dozens of people every week in here that know the results of this failed experiment. Ya know what? We can get your teeth: – whiter – with no sensitivity – in 15 minutes – for only $49 Now you tell me…who in their right mind would buy White Strips?