Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the process make my teeth or gums sensitive? The chances of sensitivity with our process are very rare for both teeth and gums. Most teeth sensitivity comes from the whitening gel dehydrating the teeth. This happens a lot with trays and white strips. Our process uses a hydrating gel that virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity. Also with trays and strips, the gel tends to go all over the gums causing sensitivity. Because our gel is brushed directly onto the teeth with very little “spill over”, gum sensitivity is dramatically reduced.

2. Which whitening process do you use? Do you use trays? We use a process that is virtually identical to ZOOM!® and we NEVER use trays. Dentists commonly use either ZOOM!® and/or custom trays. ZOOM!® is an “in-office” procedure and trays are for home use. One thing you will NEVER see a dentist do is use a tray in conjunction with the blue light from ZOOM!® Some of our competitors do this and its junk science. There has never been a published study that shows any additional benefit when using the blue light with a tray.

3. What is your technicians’ level of experience? Our whitening technicians have a MINIMUM of 2 years’ experience whitening teeth. Be very wary of competitors with high employee turnover. Always ask how long the tech (that will be whitening YOUR teeth) has been in the business. If the tech is new with less than 6 months experience, be cautious. In fact, many of our clients have come from the competition after sub-par experiences.

4. Will this process hurt my enamel? The gel we use is FDA compliant and the ADA has approved this whitening process citing no danger to teeth or enamel.

5. When will I see the results? Results are immediate. You will see your results as soon as you sit up and rinse out your mouth.

6. Can I do this if I have caps, crowns, or other artificial surfaces? Yes. However, your artificial surfaces will not whiten beyond the original manufactured color.

7. What is ZOOM!®? ZOOM!® is virtually identical to the process that we utilize. ZOOM!® is a registered trademark of GE. This process does not use trays, but instead the whitening gel is brushed directly on the teeth. The teeth are then exposed to a blue spectrum LED light that accelerates the whitening process.

8. What the difference between trays and your process? Trays use a compound called carbamide peroxide and we use an all natural gel comprised exclusively of hydrogen peroxide, water, and a natural thickener. Trays, used by dentists for home use, are very slow to yield results. They tend have a high incidence of tooth and gum sensitivity. Our process on the other hand is geared to immediate results with virtually no sensitivity.

9. How long will the treatment last? In general, our process can last up to a year, but there are a couple of variables. The whiter you get your teeth, the longer the process will last. This is because the deeper you whiten your teeth, the longer it will take to re-stain them. Also, the porosity of your teeth will cause the length of results to vary. Teeth that are very “soft” will whiten faster, however, they will also re-stain more quickly too.

10. I’ve seen some places use trays in conjunction with the blue light – does that work? As noted above in #2, this is bunk. You will NEVER see a dentist use a tray with the blue light, and you will never see us do that either.

11. Some teeth whitening places advertise “Organic” whitening solutions – do you have that? No, and neither do they. It has been brought to our attention that some of our competitors are falsely claiming that their whitening gel is organic. See the screen shots below.

This is from their website…   and this is their Groupon ad…. and this is their DealSaver ad… The fact is, we use the exact same supplier, Beaming White, and they have told us under no uncertain terms that the gel is NOT organic; it is all natural, but not organic. Unfortunately this particular competitor is using false advertising to gain your business. They also operate under several names so that it is difficult to make complaints to consumer watchdog agencies like the BBB. We would recommend staying away any business that is desperate enough to engage in deceptive advertising.

12. Do you charge sales tax? No, absolutely not. Teeth whitening is a non-taxable service. But be forewarned; some teeth whitening companies are fraudulently charging sales tax. Businesses that are not registered with the state to collect sales tax, but do so anyway, are guilty of tax fraud and are stealing your money.

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