How to Whiten Teeth

The Procedure

1. The process is very simple. A cheek retractor is used to give access to all your teeth. Then, a Hydrogen Peroxide gel is applied to the teeth using an applicator pen. The blue light is placed directly in front the teeth for 15 minutes per treatment.

2. Next you will rinse out and look in the mirror.

3. The first time you whiten your teeth, you may need 2 or 3 treatments depending on the degree of staining.

4. If you want to get your teeth whiter, it is MUCH better to do your 2nd session immediately after your first.  This is because your pores in your teeth are open at this point and the gel will whiten more deeply now verses waiting until another day.  We want you to get the best results possible for your time and money!  You may do up to 3 sessions per day.  Over 96% of customers do 2 sessions during their visit – this general takes about 45 minutes.

5. It is HIGHLY recommended that we re-seal your teeth after your last session of the day.  If not, as with ALL home remedies, your teeth pores remain open for 2 days!  This leads to rapid staining and is what Crest White Strips counts on to keep you buying more, more often.  The sealant option is only $20.

By the way, when ZOOM! is performed at the dentist, you pay about $500 for THREE sessions and sealant, all to be done in one sitting.  If you only do 2 sessions, there is no refund for the 3rd.  The problem with that is not everyone needs EXACTLY 3 sessions.

We feel that selling the sessions a-la-carte is much more fair to you!

How to Prepare to Whiten Teeth

For best results, try to floss your teeth in the days prior to coming in. If you don’t floss regularly, try to floss over the course of several days at least a week before coming in. This is because the flossing will irritate your gums and you’ll want to give them a little time to heal before visiting us.

Then, on the day of the treatment, brush your teeth VERY GENTLY.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be considerate of others. We are very busy and always have a waiting list. If you cannot make your appointment and do not call to cancel or reschedule prior to your appointment, $40 will be added to your bill at the time of your next visit.

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