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ALERT: Supreme Court of the United States Rules Against NC Dental Board

The “Blue Light,” “Laser Whitening,” “ZOOM” process is now out from under the dental license umbrella. Yes, dentists across the country were handed their final defeat in a 6-3 victory for non-dentist teeth whiteners, like Natural White. The Supreme Court, as with every other court between Raleigh and DC, agrees that the Blue LED Whitening process […]

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Crest WhiteStrips

We are often asked how our process compares to Crest White research ,can u keep track of messages w verizon ,our help source pla recycling near infeared , review spy monitor cell phone android,view site ,link how do i track a cell phone number location undetectable ,“about” Strips. Honestly…there is NO comparison. We have […]

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Teeth Whitening after Braces

We get a lot of people asking about whitening after they get their braces off. As everyone who has had braces knows, your teeth are an absolute mess once the braces are removed. The staining that has taken place is not only bad, but is splotchy and uneven. Whitening options from the orthodontists usually include […]

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More Problems with Trays…

Another issue with using trays is dehydration of the teeth. To get equal results, tray usually must be worn for extended periods of time. The longer the trays are on, the more likely it is that your teeth will become dehydrated. The dehydration will cause the teeth to look whiter than they really are and […]

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How many visits will it take?

The number of treatments or sessions needed will depend upon your teeth and the degree to which they are stained. Some stains are deep in the dentin, or caused by antibiotics given to patients while their teeth were still forming. These types of stains can be more difficult to get out. For most clients however, whether […]

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