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Each 15-minute session whitens your teeth better than an entire box of White Strips.

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Two 15-minute (back-to-back) sessions PLUS mineral sealant… only $139 (reg. $199)

Experience the Differences of Our Natural Teeth Whitening System in Charlotte, NC:


Whiter teeth, 6-22 shades whiter


Dramatic results in 45 minutes or less


A fraction of the cost of other methods

No Trays

No trays used because they give inferior results

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Understand how the teeth whitening procedure works and know what you need to do to prepare for it.

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As we get older, our teeth gradually become more stained. The process occurs so slowly we hardly even notice. However, over the years our teeth become so badly stained that they are typically 12-34 shades darker, browner, yellower than when they first cut through our gums when we were infants. So why do we clean the rest of ourselves, but not our teeth? Honestly, most people haven’t even thought about tooth whitening. And the ones that have typically think that the process is too expensive and too time consuming. Well, that was true several years ago when the dentist was the only one whitening teeth, and yes, the cost could vary anywhere from $400 to over $700! 

Now with advances in whitening gels and LED accelerators, you can have your teeth whitened in Charlotte, NC for between $129 and $249 and in as little as 15 to 45 minutes. This varies on the degree to which your teeth have become stained, but be assured, this process will whiten your teeth in a fraction of the time and expense. Having clean white teeth will make you look and feel great! Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel at work, at parties, talking with friends, family, and business associates, or even on job interviews. You try to look your best when you get dressed and fix your hair…now its time to look great when you smile too.

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